As your automotive consultant RPG and Company will represent your best interests in the negotiation for the best deal on the vehicle of your choice. Our buying power is strong due to the multitude of cars negotiated through RPG on our clients’ behalf. We take the pain out of car shopping. You are only required to decide which car you want and which options are needed. If you’re having trouble making that decision, we can assist you in that process as well. Keep in mind, we don’t just represent one vehicle, we can negotiate the purchase of any make and model. We have no allegiance to any one manufacturer. We can actually give you an unbiased opinion of any vehicle. You don’t even have to decide whether you are planning to lease or purchase. We can help you with that decision as well. We take the time to determine what best suits your lifestyle, which option works best for your personal situation. With more than 25 years of experience on our side, we’re your best tool in acquiring your ideal car, financing and pricing….all to benefit you, the end user.


Once we’ve shopped the best deal for you, your vehicle will be delivered directly to you by the new car dealership. Your lease or purchase is directly through the dealership insuring that all your warranties are intact. The contracts are reviewed by our personnel prior to the delivery of the vehicle to insure your best deal. We save you all the hassle and leave you with the best price, most convenient and efficient way to purchase a vehicle. We are on your side. Our business is based entirely on referrals. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Trade-ins, no problem. Our difference, unlike the new car dealership, we won’t play the used car off the new car. We will make your best deal on the new car while shopping the best trade-in value of your used car. We investigate the best resource that will net you the most money on the sale of your used car. Once again, we’re looking out for your best interest.

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